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CZ Music outdoor reklama

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SLSP outdoor reklama


iRobot outdoor reklama

Project details

iRobot Roomba is the worlds best robotic vacuum cleaner. The manufacturer of iRobot, a long time NASA partner, has the knowledge and necessary technology which are implemented in this innovative product. It is therefore logical, that this innovative product is advertised on ADTRUCKS - an innovative media space. The ADTRUCKS iRobot Roomba branding is derived from the current iRobot marketing communication in Slovakia "where cleaning should be fun." Neat visuals of situations, where the robotic vacuum cleaner iRobot has time for fun while working fits the many times hectic situations on roads and highways perfectly in contrast.

Microsoft Halo 4

Halo4 outdoor reklama

Project details

HALO 4 for Microsoft XBOX console represents one of the games with the highest sales among the present generation of game consoles. Campaign visual on ADTRUCKS trucks presents the main hero of the game saga Masterchief with his reliable weapon. ADTRUCKS truck presenting HALO 4 visual will support launch of this game to the markets in the Czech and Slovak Republics from September 2012 until the end of 2012, as the Christmas season represents the most important period of year for dealers of console and computer games. HALO 4 truck will drive on the busiest roads in the Czech and Slovak Republics and will be available also during events for gamers in Prague - the event FOR GAMES and in Bratislava. Gamers and fans of the HALO series can be photographed with the hero in above life size.

PlayStation Vita

Playstation Vita outdoor ad

Project details

PlayStation Vita by Sony is the newest as well as the highest performance portable game console presently on the market. The campaign visual for PlayStation Vita presents this game console as such together with the visual for the Everybody's Golf game and the slogan "unlimited entertainment in your hands" or "unlimited entertainment for your hands". The campaign has the task to support sales of consoles and games during the most important period of sales of each year – from summer until Christmas.

"The ADTRUCKS advertising medium we have already used during the last year for promotion of the game inFamous 2 for PlayStation 3 and it was very successful for our fans and customers. We plan to include this advertising medium regularly in our outdoor campaigns, mainly because of good reaction, sale support in the Czech and Slovak Republics and last but not least also because of good ratio price/performance, which we can hardly achieve for another outdoor medium", said Antonín Srp, Channel Manager PlayStation CZ/SK. "Always for such campaign we will plan additional support activities, via which we will also involve in our campaigns our fans and potential customers. This time it is a competition and competitors must guess how many times the PlayStation Vita on ADTRUCKS truck is larger than in reality. Winners will receive from PlayStation the PlayStation Vita and games as well as other interesting prizes. We firmly believe that again hundreds of fans will participate, as this was the case in the past" added Antonín Srp. Everybody can compete

DajTo - TV for men

DajTo outdoor ad

Project details

In promotion of the new TV DAJTO, intended mainly for men, Markíza involved also ADTRUCKS. A competition started on facebook for t-shirts and pins with DAJTO logo for the fastest users, for taking pictures of the branded truck on streets. DAJTO truck will drive across Slovakia during three months. For more information about the campaign please visit

CrystalCall outdoor ad

Project details

CrystalCall is the highest quality call centrum in the Central and Eastern Europe with offices located in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Rumania and Albany. More than 700 people work for CrystalCall and the company offers services to several hundreds of customers in entire Europe. The company did not use until now outdoor advertisement. As a rule, the company was involved in sponsorship of social, sport and business events.

"ADTRUCKS advertising medium is attractive for us because of the interesting idea and non-traditional approach to classic form of advertisement," said Peter Kňaze, Executive Director of CrystalCall. "We have decided to use this opportunity using two ways: externally via ADTRUCKS to communicate our products on the Czech and Slovak markets - CRM, Telesales and Negotiation of Business Meetings, but we are also interested in the opportunity to use ADTRUCKS for our employees – the visual presents our employee Kristína Konečná, drawn from all interested parties – our operators. We are very glad that our employees were so highly interested in presenting our company also by their participation in our marketing communication," added Peter Kňaze.



Project details

MINI Cooper hatchback and roadster are actual models of the MINI automobile brand. Visual of the campaign reminds of collector's box of car models (reduced size). This visual will like not only fans of MINI brand. The campaign concentrated on support of these models during the summer months and beginning of autumn 2012.

"We are using the ADTRUCKS advertising medium for the first time, as we are always searching for new approach and unconventional communication. This time we are interested in the option to work creatively with outdoor advertising, which is for creativity limited. In design of our visual we made efforts to reach also except "passing by" drivers and their passengers, who pass the truck and according to that we have also designed the experience from our visual – the back side should activate and "push" to view the truck also from its side," said Milan Stupka, Corporate Communication Manager BMW Group Slovakia. "This truck will drive across Slovakia for three months, later we will support other our products. In case this campaign will be liked and assessed as successful, we plan to use ADTRUCKS as advertising medium in our advertisement mix also in future campaigns" added Milan Stupka.

InFamous 2

InFamous 2 - play station truck ad

Project details

inFamous 2 trucks represent a continuation of the successful campaign of inFamous two years ago. Two trucks with code Good Cole and Bad Cole presented the positive and negative heroes of the inFamous game. Each player became positive or negative according to his own decision making in the inFamous game on the game console PlayStation 3. inFamous trucks were on Czech and Slovak roads during four months on the occasion of market launch of inFamous 2 and helped this game to become one of the games with the best sales for PlayStation 3 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

God of war

God of war - play station adtruck

Project details

Advertisement truck GOD OF WAR 3 for PlayStation Czech Republic and Slovakia fully used the 3D possibilities for advertisement of ADTRUCKS by creation of an illusion of the main hero Kratos jumping of the driving truck and recorded a tremendous success on Czech and Slovak roads. Innovative visualisation as well as the entire solution was appreciated also by specialized marketing magazines like Stratégie a Marketing & Médiá and last but not least also by fans of the entire series GOD OF WAR, one of the best selling console game series worldwide.



Project details

InFamous was the first advertisement truck which during the entire 2009 promoted this game on Slovak, Czech as well as German and Austrian roads. During one year the InFamous truck was spotted by more than ten million people. This truck represented the most discussed advertisement area even behind the borders of the Slovak and Czech Republics.

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